Tom's deep, personal involvement with every project is woven throughout our process.


We understand that our clients are making a significant investment when they initiate the design of a new golf course. To protect that investment we are personally committed to each project we accept.

Before we begin, we collect as much information as we can about the site, the goals and the overall vision of the course. We believe everyone should be at the table from the first conversation to the grand opening.

Site Visits

Designing a world-class golf course requires our team to spend a signnificant amount of time at the site of the course. This ensures the design blends seamlessly with the landscape while also ensuring each project is completed on-time and on-budget.

Before pencil touches paper, we walk the grounds to absorb as much as we can about the natural features of the land. Hand drawings reveal the playability of the course and help refine the design strategy. Then Construction Documents and Specifications are created to develop precise budgets and accurate timelines.

Throughout the project frequent site visits enable subtle design changes that work with the conditions to produce an exceptional golf course.

"My frequent site visits and attention to detail ensure the success and quality of the finished product" - Tom Weiskopf


From the initial site visit through construction, every effort is made to protect, preserve and enhance the environment of the site. Through meticulous routing we reveal a golf course that feels natural because less earth is moved and the result is enhanced aesthetics and reduced construction costs. The blending of a golf course into its environment enhances property values and ensures a natural backdrop for players, real estate components and the community as a whole for generations to come.

In each design, the use of natural elements including elevation changes, water features, trees and other vegetation is always a high priority. Additionally, consideration is given to easy, efficient maintenance and prevent of future renovation.

"My courses do not intimidate. Instead, they encourage the player to play well and become more open to the enjoyable aspects of the game." - Tom Weiskopf

Driveable Par-4

One key element in providing a memorable experience for players is a potential driveable par 4 on each course created by Weiskopf Designs. The idea originated at a tour competition during Tom's professional career at the birthplace of golf:

"The concept came to me while competing at the Open Championship at Saint Andrews in 1970, similar to a reachable par 5, the risk-reward challenge is the same."

When he left the tour to go into course design, Tom decided he would implement at least one reachable par 4 on each golf course he designed. The concept of the drivable par 4 is appealing because scores can vary from 1 through 6 or more on these holes, depending on the conditions.

Personal Touch

The primary goal for each golf course design is to create a memorable experience for all who play. To achieve this, we aspire to make each hold unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Upon completion of each project, Tom attends the Grand Opening and hosts his "Ultimate Walk-Through" to excite members and guests as he plays each hole and explains the design and strategy.